• Boards, Commissions, and Committees


    Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Advisory Committee: Carmelita Garcia

    Architectural Review Board: Lisa Bennett

    Beautification and Natural Resources Committee: Dan Cort

    Budget and Finance: Lisa Bennett, Bill Kampe

    Cultural Arts Commission: Vicki Stilwell

    Economic Advisory Committee: Dan Cort, Bill Kampe

    Historic Resources Committee: Deborah Lindsay

    Housing Committee: Carmelita Garcia

    Library Board: Lisa Bennett

    Museum Board: Deborah Lindsay

    Planning Commission: Bill Kampe

    Recreation Board: Vicki Stilwell

    Special Events Committee: Alan Cohen

    Traffic Safety Commission: Carmelita Garcia


    Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Vicki Stilwell

    Legislative Letters: Dan Cort, City Manager

    Feast of Lanterns Representative: Deborah Lindsay

    ACJIS – Policy: Dan Cort, City Manager (alt.)

    ACJIS – Operations: Andrew Miller, Darius Engles (alt.)


    AMBAG: Vicki Stilwell, Alan Cohen (alt.)

    Cable Consortium of Monterey County: Bob Davis

    CCMC Cable TV Commission Task Force: Bob Davis

    Community Human Services: Alan Cohen, Vicki Stilwell (alt.)

    Executive Committee, Monterey Bay Division, League of CA Cities: Dan Cort, Vicki Stilwell (alt.)

    Fort Ord Reuse Authority: Bill Kampe, Alan Cohen (alt.)

    Library System Advisory Board: Lisa Bennett

    Mayors’ Selection Committee/Association: Dan Cort

    Monterey County Americans with Disabilities Commission: Carmelita Garcia

    Monterey County Integrated Waste Management Task Force: City Manager, Vacancy (alt.)

    Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau: Lisa Bennett

    Monterey Regional Waste Management District: Gary Bales (term expires 1/11)

    Monterey Regional Wastewater Finance Authority: Dan Cort

    Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control, JPA: Dan Cort, Deborah Lindsay (alt.)

    Technical Advisory Committee: Celia Perez Martinez

    Monterey-Salinas Transit: Vicki Stilwell, Alan Cohen (alt.)

    Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

    – Policy Advisory Committee: Dan Cort

    – Technical Advisory Committee: Celia Perez Martinez

    Transportation Agency of Monterey County: Deborah Lindsay, Carmelita Garcia (alt.)

    – Technical Advisory Committee: Celia Perez Martinez

    Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee: Henry Leinen, Jan Roehl (alt.)

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 9, 2009

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