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    City Council OKs Resumption of Monarch Tagging

    Cop Log DATE

    Cop Log 10/26/14 – 10/31/14
    Found things
    A man’s wallet was found on Lighthouse and turned in. No contact with owner.
    A cell phone was found on Ocean View and turned in. No contact with owner.
    This is a sight we’d like to see…
    A motorcycle with expired tags was found on public property on Montecito.
    It was towed.
    An easier job than the one above
    On Central Ave., a vehicle was marked as abandoned. After 72 hours, it was
    Large Dog at Large
    A male German Shepherd was found at large on Forest. The dog’s owner
    came and got him.
    Credit card fraud
    Exchange student’s credit card was used to pay for a hotel stay in Boston.
    If your mail was late on 10/27…
    A woman advised she had been involved in a collision with a postal truck.
    Info was exchanged.
    Shooting BB gun at children
    Leif Rowan was detained after shooting at children on Arkwright Ct. with a
    pellet gun. He was detained by a parent.
    Suspicious person/Sexual harassment
    A juvenile female walking home from school on spruce was approached by
    a white male adult in a white vehicle, make unknown. He pulled up and told her
    she was hot and asked if she was 18. She said no and kept walking. He offered
    her a ride and she said no. He pulled around the corner and got out of his vehicle
    and left his driver’s side door open and the engine running. He told her to hop
    in and she refused again. She walked quickly home and does not believe he saw
    where she lives. He was described as late 20s-early 30s, wearing a red shirt, khaki
    pants and red shoes. Police tracked him down and he admitted to speaking with
    the juvenile female but said he left upon learning her age.
    Situation becoming critical
    On Pine Ave.: A person was walking to the shoemaker and lost a boot. No
    indication as to whether they were wearing it or carrying it.
    Drunk and walking around and generally being nasty
    A man was verbally harassing customers outside a business on Lighthouse.
    He was arrested for being drunk in public and for violating his probation terms.
    Offensive notes
    A person on Presidio said that he had received offensive notes on his vehicle
    over the last month, but has not received anything in the past two weeks. He said
    his neighbors told him they saw someone taking pictures of his residence and
    looking in his vehicle about a month ago.
    Drugs missing
    A woman on Ransford said she had allowed a homeless woman to stay with
    her for a short time. She said she began to notice prescription drugs missing but
    didn’t actually see the woman take them. The woman is no longer staying with her.
    Bag missing
    A man reported he had left a bag on the sidewalk on Ocean View, and it was
    gone when he returned a few minutes later. He waited a few hours and when it
    didn’t appear, he reported it to the police.
    Past tense rape
    Perpetrator known.
    Burglary on Lighthouse
    A person reported burglary with forced entry into a business on Lighthouse.
    Lights left on she didn’t leave on
    A woman on Junipero said she had recently purchased the home in question
    and that she stays there occasionally. She returned on 10/30 to find two lights left
    on as well as a space heater. Nothing was stolen or disturbed.
    Theft of fire extinguishers
    On Pacific Grove Lane.
    Elderly woman scammed
    A woman on Briggs was scammed out of a large sum of money via phone
    calls. APS is investigating, along with the FBI.
    Nails beneath tires
    A man on Lighthouse said someone had placed nails beneath his tires and
    someone else’s tires, too. He removed the nails. He said he has no idea who’d
    play such a trick.
    Vacation renter spooked
    Vacation renters told a homeowner that an elderly woman had been seen in
    front of the house taking pictures and it made them uncomfortable. It wasn’t the
    former owner, they determined.
    No trespassing to steal no trespassing signs
    Someone stole several no trespassing signs from the fencing around a property
    on Lighthouse.
    Tree fall down go boom
    A tree in a private parking lot on Eardley fell on a vehicle.

    It’s likely Kampe, Cuneo, Fischer, Peake

    Lori Mannel Stepping Down as Museum Director

    Cop Log 10-17-14 to 10-24-14

    Cop log 10-17-14 to 10-24-14
    Lost ring, on Lighthouse Ave., between noon and 6:30 p.m.
    Shoplifting on Forest
    Suspect was seen taking merchandise without paying for it. The merchant’s
    loss prevention person detained him. He was cited and released.
    Petty theft on Forest
    A woman was arrested at a grocery store for theft. She was released on
    citation to appear.
    The old “I can fix your computer” scam didn’t work on her
    A woman reported someone with an East Indian accent called her and said
    she needed to turn on her computer so he could fix a Windows problem. She
    knew it was a scam and hung up on him, but she wanted to warn other citizens
    to be careful.
    In another attempted scam, a woman was told her son owed the IRS almost
    $5,000. She had two phone numbers. She did not give out any personal information,
    nor did she lose any money.
    Next time use disappearing ink
    A woman said her ex boyfriend had taken some letters back that he had
    written to her, in which he had apologized. She wanted them back to help her
    in a court case against him. But the police advised her that because they’d had
    a relationship and he’d had prior permission to enter the house, and because he
    was the one who had written the letters, she didn’t have a case.
    Dog vs. Dog: An unfriendly Eskimo kiss
    Zena, a Staffordshire/Pit Bull mix bit Uinta, a cattle dog mix, on the snout
    when they met on Ocean View Blvd. Owner pushed Zena off her dog and Uinta
    had a cut inside her mouth on the gum line, but Zena had no apparent injuries,
    Zena’s owner offered to pay vet bills.
    Attempted kidnapping
    Victim said she was walking home when a Hispanic male called out to
    her. She told him she wasn’t interested and continued walking. But he came up
    behind her and grabbed her arm. She pulled away and ran toward her house,
    almost getting hit by a vehicle. The male left the area on foot and was not found.
    Toddler toddling alone
    A 2-year-old was reported wandering around alone on Sinex Ave. The reporting
    party stayed with him, and when the officer asked the child if he know
    where his house was, he took them to it. The father was surprised because he
    thought the boy was in the back yard.
    If it sounds too good to be true…
    A woman reported sending money via Western Union and Moneygram
    because she was promised large amounts of money in return. But it never happened,
    and now she can’t pay her bills. Her bank is helping her oversee her
    Sometimes the parents are worse than the opposing team
    when the chips are down
    At Arnett Park, a mother who had been drinking yelled at a player who had
    tackled her son during a football game. She pulled a bike out from under him
    and allegedly put Cheetos down his shirt.
    Gun stolen sometime in the last 41/2 years
    A gun was recovered by MSCO deputy in Castroville. They asked the
    registered owner to file a report. He said no one had permission to use or borrow
    his firearm.
    Found money
    Currency found on the sidewalk was turned in.
    Burglary from vehicle on Chestnut
    The window was smashed and a purse was stolen from a locked vehicle.
    Petty theft on Forest
    A guy went into a store and filled a tool bag with merchandise, then paid for
    the bag with a credit card. S he was trying to place a garden cart in his vehicle,
    the store manager contacted him. He fled with the tool bag full of unpaid-for
    False alarm
    Granite St.
    Traffic stop = found stolen property
    A person was pulled over on Ocean View and found to be unlicensed. There
    was possible stolen property in the vehicle. Investigation is ongoing.
    Rape of drugged victim
    Monterey Police forwarded a report of a rape to Pacific Grove for continued
    investigation as the crime occurred in Pacific Grove.
    Stolen alcohol
    Unknown subject stole two bottles of alcohol but escaped store employees
    and fled in a waiting vehicle. Possible suspect information.
    Trespasser and dog told to leave
    A transient woman was told to leave, but she and her dog refused and when
    it appeared she was becoming agitated, the reporting party called police. She was
    identified by her Colorado drivers license. She was advised not to return to Asilomar
    State Conference Center, and she left with her large adult dog, Leonardo.
    Walked check
    Someone came into a business on Lighthouse, ordered food and wine, and
    then left without paying.
    Stolen bicycle
    A bicycle was stolen from a hotel stairway on Ocean View.
    Loose dog returned
    Dog running loose on Sinex was held. Owner rescued him.
    Non-injury accidents
    David Ave., Ocean View Blvd., Pine Ave. Plus one hit and run on Ocean
    View. In that case, the vehicle was found by following a fluid trail.
    Nosy neighbor issue
    Reporting party keeps walking in on a guest at a residence on Surf. But the
    guest says the reporting party won’t leave and is just being nosy.

    Losing Streak Extends to 10 for Breakers Volleyball

    Lead Poison Prevention Week Oct. 19-25, 2014

    Children often die after ingesting even a small amount of a household substance. Unintentional poisoning will kill an estimated 40 children this year and send 90,000 to the emergency room. Poison control centers in the United States are expected to receive 1.2 million calls this year regarding children ages 6 and under.

    Read more…»

    Breakers varsity girls’ volleyball team lose sixth in a row

    Three in a row for the Pacific Grove girl’s golf team

    Local woman, Ita Patilat earns title of Grand Master while competing in the World Masters Weightlifting Championships

    MPC welcomes C. Earl Davis as VP Administrative Services

    Cop Log

    online at www.cedarstreettimes.com

    Cop Log

    online at www.cedarstreettimes.com

    Cop Log 7/26/14-8/8/14

    Drunk and disorderly guy sent to Monterey
    A man on Grove Acre found to be intoxicated was transported to Monterey
    to be released when he sobered up.
    CD Player face stolen
    A man on Ripple said someone took the face off his CD payer and some
    money from his unlocked vehicle.
    Gasoline stolen
    A Save Mart customer said someone had stolen gasoline from his vehicle
    while he was shopping. Surveillance video shows a white pick-up parked next
    to him that left a short time later. A partial license plate number was recorded.
    Dog stolen, escaped or abandoned?
    A black German shepherd was reported running in and out of traffic, and
    appeared to be injured. He had a microchip. The owners were on their way to
    Fresno but turned around and picked up the dog. Meanwhile, the department
    received a call from the person the microchip is registered to, who says the dog
    was stolen in Georgia. The plot thickens.
    Failure to yield in crosswalk
    Reporting party says he was nearly squashed in a crosswalk on Lighthouse
    Ave. by a delivery truck. He said he had to throw himself to the side to avoid
    “getting killed.” He said the driver was going fast and didn’t yield to him. He
    told the driver to stand by while he called the police, but the driver left. Reporting
    party complained of back pain but refused medical attention.
    Scam goes on a cruise
    A woman received a call from a man who stated that he was from Florida
    and that she had paid for a cruise in 2009 but hadn’t taken it. If she would be
    so kind as to provide her bank account number, he would return the money…
    and for a mere $100 he would reinstate her tickets. She said the caller ID was
    from Georgia. He then hung up on her.
    $100 worth of uneasy
    A woman reported withdrawing $100 cash from her bank ATM. When she
    noticed a shirtless man nearby, she became uneasy and got in her car and drove
    away without the $100. The bank said the $100 was not credited back to her
    account so it appears someone took it. They’re checking surveillance video.
    The ol’ jury duty scam
    A woman said a man called and said he was from MSCO and that she
    had two citations for not showing up for jury duty. She was advised to report
    the incident to the FBI. The PG officer called the number and a man with a
    Southern accent answered.

    Cop Log 7/18/14 – 7/23/14

    7/18/14 – 7/23/14
    The Scam Not Taken
    Someone on 10th St. was solicited by a scammer telling them they’d get
    $6.5 million USD and a new Mercedes if they’d send a money order. Luckily,
    the reporting party didn’t send the money order.
    Bark Bark Bark
    Lab at Large
    A large yellow lab, neutered male, was running around on Pine. Owner
    contacted and paid fees.
    Dog Left Without Food or Water
    On Lawton Ave. a dog was left outside for two days without food or water.
    Dog was seized and turned over to the SPCA.
    Packing Alcohol
    Subject shoplifted liquor at Country Club Gate. When caught, he had it in
    his backpack. Store owner pressed charges.
    Not Your RV Dump Station
    A person was reported for dumping waste and wastewater into the storm
    drain on Ocean view Blvd. They said it was dishwater but there were things in
    it that you wouldn’t put in your dishpan. The person was cited and then later
    released after cleaning up the mess, though some had gotten into the storm sewer.
    What’s that? Found Hearing Aid
    A hearing aid was found near Hopkins Beach and was kept at the police
    station for safekeeping.
    False Imprisonment
    Victim was confronted by her handyman of 12 years, who was demanding
    money. She refused to pay and tried to call 9-1-1. He grabbed the phone and he
    closed and locked her doors. The dispatcher immediately called back and the
    handyman fled.
    Staring Problem
    A person on Syida reported that a neighbor had violated a restraining order
    by staring at the victim. The restraining order had expired.
    Vandalism and Theft Becoming Habitual
    A business on Austin Ave. reported several thefts and a vandalism over the
    past several weeks. No suspect info.
    Not Interested in Dinner Plans
    A business owner on Forest has been receiving disturbing notes from someone
    named “Joe.” They were not particularly threatening, or harassing, just …
    well… They had stopped for a few months but recently “Joe” stuck a note in the
    door that he was going to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
    What Spoilsport Would Steal Lanterns?
    Someone stole a set of lanterns on Lighthouse.
    Squatters Done Squatting
    A house on Forest had been red-tagged. It appeared that someone was squatting
    there in violation of the red tag, but by the time the police were allowed in
    there was nothing but some stuff belonging to a former tenant. The landlord was
    advised that no one is to enter the residence because of the red tag.
    Malicious Mischief on Coral
    A house for sale on coral had a box full of flyers out front. Two or three
    juvenile males had been observed knocking over the post and box and pulling
    the flyers out. The box is repairable.

    Cop Log 07/12/14-07/18/14

    Catch Me If You Can
    On Laurel Ave., officers attempted to stop a driver for violations and the
    driver fled the scene and eluded officers in a high-speed chase. Eventually, he
    crashed the car and fled on foot. The owner of the vehicle was located at his
    residence and alleged no knowledge of the incident. He was also extremely drunk.
    Found Dog
    A large husky was found on Lobos and transported to the City Yard.
    Purse Found
    …and turned in. ID was found in the purse and the owner was notified.
    To Sign or not to Sign
    A person on Central reported that someone contacted him and said he was
    collecting signatures for a petition. He did not have a booth or any signage for
    the county in which he was collecting signatures. The reporting party gave his
    name and address at first, but then withdrew the information after consideration.
    The signature collector became upset. The reporting party was concerned that
    the data was being collected in order to commit burglary or other crimes. He
    had recorded the signature gatherer’s license number.
    Open Invitation
    A car was noticed on Granite St., parked with the door open. The console
    and glove box were closed and it didn’t appear that the car had been rummaged
    through. The person who answered the door said the car belonged to her room
    mate and that it did not appear anything was missing.
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    A woman was walking with her daughter and smoking an e-cigarette. A
    man behind her called her a “bitch” and accused her of blowing smoke in his
    face. she told him she wasn’t aware he was behind her. He got even more upset
    and said he was going to call the police, so she did it for him.
    Identity and Costco Theft
    The suspect had some bank checks made with an account from Santa Cruz
    Community Credit Union and passed one at Costco to the tune of $677.37.
    Monterey County Sheriffs requested assistance with a suspected DUI on
    a traffic check. The driver, Bradford Beach, was arrested, cited, and released
    to a sober friend.
    Stabbing at Hotel
    Two makes were fighting at a hotel on Ocean view Blvd. One suffered a
    stab wound to the arm. The other ran. They are both Sureno gang members. The
    victim would not give up the perpetrator.
    Dog Leashed
    A dog was reported barking and found to be leashed to a house. The reporting
    party said they’d give it food and water until the owner showed up. When the
    resident was contacted, he said the dog got loose. He was advised of the codes
    regarding leashing a dog to a permanent location.

    Feast of Decor Entry Form

    Cop Log 6/28/14-7/4/14

    Didn’t like the call on the play?
    Vandalism was reported at the Pacific Grove High School press box.
    Battery by stranger
    A woman came up to the victim and his wife and began to verbally attack the wife.
    When the victim told her to leave his wife alone, the suspect became angry (angrier?)
    and snatched the glasses off his face, scratching him in the process. She ran away
    before police arrived.
    Bark, Bark, Bark at loose
    Two dogs were reported at loose on Pine Ave. The dogs were taken into custody
    and turned over to the SPCA.
    Cleanest gun in the neighborhood
    A wife was outside cleaning her car with a shop vaccuum when a neighbor came
    out and decided to clean his shot gun. The husband undertands that it’s okay to do that,
    but notes that every time they go outside to do anything, the neighbor comes outside
    and cleans his guns. He feels it is passive agressive behavior and it makes him uneasy.
    During a traffic enforcement stop, the driver was found to be under the influence,
    Tye Jaeman Hertel was arrested.
    The Power of Positive Tourists
    A tourist flagged down a police officer in order to turn in a Kindle with The Power
    of Positive Thinking. It was taken to the station.
    Y Turn Practice Needed
    A fuel tanker tried to make an improper turn on David Ave and got stuck on the
    sidewalk. Moderate damage was reported to the truck, the sidewalk, and the roadway.
    Building on the cheap with stolen materials?
    A woman on Pico reported that someone stole building materials from the construction
    site where she is building.
    Theft from car
    A window on a vehicle parked on sunset was smashed and a purse containing
    several credit cards was stolen.
    Caught in the act
    A man interrupted a bad guy trying to break into his car on Willow St.
    Tourist loses car, take nap
    A family of tourists from Hanford reported they had lost their car on Lighthouse..
    They called BMW Services for assistance and had to advise the vehicle was stolen
    to get BMW to help. Prior to BMW finding it, police did. Police escorted the family
    back to the vehicle. They decided to take a rest and pick up the vehicle later. We didn’t
    make this up.
    Stuff found
    A woman walking her dog found some stuff and turned it in. Police searched
    the stuff to learn who the owner might be. Phone numbers were invalid so the police
    stored the stuff.
    Stuff stolen
    Equipment was stolen from a closed, but unlocked, shop/garage and from the bed
    of a commercial truck stored inside. Stolen stuff possibly carried out and over the fence
    that surrounds the property on Sunset.
    Bark, bark, chomp
    A loose dog ran across the roadway and attacked a dog which was on a leash. The
    dog walker threw a stick at it. The owner of the at-large dog was cited.
    Tire slashed
    A woman had the oil changed in her car and when she went to pick it up, the
    mechanic pointed out a slashed tire. She believes it is vandalism.
    Stolen checks found
    A suspect from another case was found to have checks in her purse. A check
    (pardon the pun) was made with the owners of the checks and they were advised that
    the checks were stolen.
    Flowers vandalized
    A person on 13th reported that flowers growing on the side of his building had
    been broken and/or removed. He thinks he knows who did it.

    Cop Log June 21-17, 2014

    June 21-17, 2014
    It speaks the Queen’s English
    A UK couple on vacation honeymoon reported they’d lost a cell phone.
    Minors drinking and burning stuff
    A party of juveniles holding a bonfire on the County portion of Asilmonar Beach
    was broken up. 20-30 subjects ran. Abandoned backpacks, alcohol, and marijuana
    taken by police.
    Vehicle Theft and Pursuit
    Attempted vehicle stop for moving violations: Suspects fled, police chased but
    abandoned chase due to public safety concerns. The car was later found abandoned
    and suspects fled. Stolen property from other crimes was in the car. Witnesses gave
    description but suspects were not found.
    The stolen items are being processed and returned to victims.
    Stopped for a traffic offense and found to be driving under the influence. Arrested,
    booked, released on citation was Cody Mitchell.
    Rape of drugged victim
    A victim reported a past tense rape. Rape kit had been done at hospital the day
    after the crime. Suspect is known to victim.
    Credit cards stolen, used
    A purse with credit cards was stolen from an unlocked vehicle and the cards used
    in neighboring cities. This was only one of many incidents that week where vehicles
    were either left unlocked or had been broken into and items taken.
    Rifles turned in
    A person turned in rifles left by a relatives. They were checked, photographed
    and stored for destruction.
    Crabby cat
    A woman reported that her neighbor went on vacation and left her cat unattended,
    so the cat has been coming over the the woman’s house looking for attention. But then
    the cat took a chomp on the woman’s leg. The cat was captured and quarantined and is
    in a caged unit at the City yard, with food and water but maybe not so much attention.
    Missing man not missing, just needed a tow
    An elderly man was reported missing from Lighthouse, but it turns out he was in
    Country Club Gate in need of a tow. He was given a ride home.
    Vehicle vandalized
    A woman reported her car, parked overnight on Acropolis, had been vandalized.
    Trip and fall
    A woman tripped on a crack in the sidewalk on Lighthouse, causing minor injuries.
    She refused transport but photos were taken of the sidewalk and the injuries.

    Cop Log!!

    Will return soon

    Cop Log

    Camera and Camera Bag Lost
    On Sunset.
    Cell Phone Lost
    Reported at the police station.
    Cell Phone Found
    On 12th St. Not the lost one mentioned above, apparently.
    A Shirt Does not a Handicap Make
    Fire Department Captain contacted a person who folded a shirt with a fire
    department emblem on it and placed it on the dash, then parked in a handicappedonly
    space and claimed it was okay. It wasn’t.
    Hit and Run Collision with Minor Damage
    A person advised she had been rearended the day before while on her way
    to work She said there was minor damage and did not want to pursue charges,
    just to make a report for the insurance company. The officer checked and yes,
    there is minor damage.
    Bicycle Collision
    A bicycle rider said he “tucked” the front wheel of his bicycle into the rear
    wheel of another rider in the group and fell off. He had abrasions and complained
    of pain in his hip. The bicycle was taken to the City yard for safekeeping.
    All Over Some Plants
    Apparently a neighbor has been going to the reporting party’s address and
    yelling obscenities at her about some plants which are near the property line.
    Reporting party also complained of the neighbor’s alcohol and marijuana use.
    The subject was advised not to contact the reporting party and not to walk on
    her property, and the reporting party was advised to prine the plants near the
    property line.
    Bark Bark Bark on Film
    An ongoing barking dog problem has been documented on film, with the
    star of the show barking for about three minutes.
    Vehicle vs. Tree: Vehicle 1, Tree 0
    A vehicle struct a tree on Sinex and caused a large branch to break off and
    block the roadway.
    Robert M. Smith, Your Friend’s Bracelet was Found
    A bracelet was turned in, having been found on Lighthouse. The bracelet
    is engraved with “Robert M. Smith” on one side. Maybe it’s Robert’s.
    Haz Mat Spill
    A delivery drive spilled diesel fuel in the road on Lighthouse. The Fire
    Department cleaned up the mess.
    Burglary of Tools
    A property owner was working on his rental on Spruce. He locked his tools
    in the garage overnight, but when he returned the window was open and several
    of his tools were missing.

    Cop Log

    Trunk taken
    A trunk and some twine were taken from the property of a host of antique
    shows. The trunk and presumably th twin belonged to a client.
    Dog Locked in Car
    A citizens reported a dog had been locked in a car with the windows up
    on a hot day. The incident had also been reported to the SPCA.
    Animal Welfare Check
    A woman was trying to sell puppies from her motor home. the reporting
    party was concerned, but a vet said she was following the proper protocol for
    cleas and deworming and that the puppies were in good health.
    Elder Scammed
    An elderly male reported that he had sent $3500 to someone who alleged
    they represented the Department of Justice.
    Bicyclist Takes a Dive
    Victim and witness said victim was riding his bicycle on Sinex and hit
    an area on the street — or possibly the broken sidewalk — and fell off his
    bicycle, landing on his back. He bonked his head and cracked his helmet. He
    was bleeding on the face.
    Needs more practice before prime time
    A motorcyclist pulled up behind a BMW at a stop sign. When the car
    driver released his brakes the motorcyclist assumed he was moving forward,
    but the BMW driver was new to driving a manual transmission and failed to
    get it into gear. He rolled back and onto the motorcycle’s front wheel. Both
    vehicles suffered cracked fenders. No one was injured.
    See above headline
    A juvenile driver was stopped for driving without headlights after sunset.
    Turns out he didn’t have a license. Maybe he didn’y know how to turn the
    headlights on either.
    Wine boosted
    Two males walked into a store on Sunset, grabbed several bottles of wine,
    and fled in a waiting vehicle. No suspects.
    No Bark Bark Bark
    Anonymous person reported a dog barking on Miles Ave., but though
    the officer waiting 15 minutes, the dog never barked again.
    Vehicle Stolen from Carport
    On Lighthouse Ave. All keys accounted for and no one else has permission
    to use the car.
    Concealed Weapon Found During Traffic Stop
    Also it was loaded. There was paraphernalia and ammunition in the car
    too. On Ocean View Blvd.
    Minors with Alcohol,Wildlife
    A vehicle check on Sunset Dr, revealed minors in possession of alcohol,
    open display of an imitation firearm, illegally obtained wildlife, forged Social
    Security cards. Subjects were arrested, booked, cited, and released.

    Cop Log

    Due to space considerations the Cop Log will only be available online this
    week. Sorry. We know you came here first. See it at http://goo.gl/udsN4e

    Cop Log

    Dispute over bird bath
    Victim said his landlord had a painter come and paint an
    apartment. While he was there, the painter accidentally knocked
    a bird feeder off the staircase and it broke. Victim wanted his
    landlord to reimburse him but the landlord refused, so the
    victim withheld $50 from his rent. So the landlord gave him a
    30-day notice. Next door neighbor heard the bird feeder break
    and photographed the painter’s license because there have
    been past problems with temporary workers and this particular
    management company.
    Mystery distress call
    Children tourists reported a subject in the water calling for help.
    Fire, ambulance, state park lifeguards and police responded.
    Coast Guard sent a boat and a helicopter. A bystander with a
    drone sent it out searching. Nothing was found, no vehicles were
    left in the parking areas, no one reported anyone missing. Thus
    far no bodies have appeared on the shore.
    Lost and found
    A bicycle on 5/4/14
    A wallet on 5/4/14
    A watch on 5/6/14
    A wallet lost on 5/6/14
    A Yorkie was found on 5/7/14
    A camera fell off motorcycle on 5/8/14
    A cell phone lost on 5/9/14

    Cop Log

    Special event “No Parking” signs not to be ignored,
    even by people who think they’re special
    A vehicle was towed from Ocean View Blvd., having been parked in an
    area posted for no parking due to a special event.
    Credit card found
    At Eardley Ave. Owner claimed it the next day.
    Thief didn’t look like stolen drivers license
    A wallet was stolen and the thief tried to withdraw a lot of money from
    the bank. Luckily, the bank teller realized the thief didn’t look like the drivers
    license and called the victim.
    Poodle found
    A white poodle was found on Surf Ave. and housed at the kennel at the
    City Yard until claimed by its owner.
    Gun slide went diving
    A diver found a gun slide in the water 20 ft. east of the stage at Lovers
    Shoplifted magazines (not the gun type)
    Suspect was observed shoplifting magazines on Forest Ave. The business
    owner did not want to press charges, but did want a “no trespass” admonishment.
    Business disturbed
    Some guy was hollering and being violent inside a business at Country
    Club Gate. He was arrested and transported to the station where he was released
    on a citation.
    Broken wheel chair still unclaimed
    Someone turned in a wheelchair with a sticky right wheel arm that he’d
    found on Sinex. Attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful.
    Bicycle still unclaimed, too
    A bicycle was also found on Sinex. Records inquiry gave negative results.
    Entered into CLETS and stored.
    Road rage on Pine Ave
    A driver reported that another driver tried to pass him on Hwy. 68 entering
    town (a no-passing area) and then began “flipping off” the reporting party,
    tailgating, trying to force him off the road and being a general jerk. The offending
    and offensive driver was nowhere to be found.
    Individual representing themselves as from the IRS tried to scam money
    from an elderly woman who lives on Funston. She didn’t fall for it.
    A woman received an email saying she’d won a cash prize and needed
    to provide $500on her Visa and another $1500 for insurance. She didn’t fall
    for it either.
    There were other reports of the IRS scam, and one report of the Jury
    Duty scam. There was a report of an attempted scam involving a phone call
    from Homeland Security as well.
    Expired registration = towed vehicle
    A vehicle with registration expired 16 months ago was towed from
    Hillcrest Ave.
    Non-matching VIN = towed motorcycle
    A motorcycle with a registration that didn’t match the VIN was towed
    from 18th St. No indication as to why they were checking.
    Errant iPad found, returned
    An iPad was found on Sloat Ave. It was later returned to the owner.
    If an officer answers…
    A cell phone was found and turned in. Eventually, the owner called it
    and was told it was at the police station.
    Two subjects got involved in a physical confrontation, but neither wanted
    to press charges. It is unknown if they continued the fight elsewhere.
    Pagoda purloined
    Someone stole a cement pagoda from a yard on Miles Ave. on 4/29/14.
    In an unreported, separate incident, a woman on Marino Pines said someone
    stole a planter full of plants from her yard. She didn’t report it because
    she said she couldn’t afford to water it anyway.
    Theft of water
    A property owner on Wood St. says she received an exorbitant bill from
    the water company. She had several people check for leaks and there were
    none, so she assumes that someone stole the water.
    Garage sale signs switched
    A woman on Junipero put up garage sale signs, and discovered later that
    someone had torn her signs down and replaced them with signs directing
    buyers to another garage sale elsewhere.
    Dead giveaway
    A driver parked his truck in a parking lot on Central. When he returned,
    there was a dent in the right rear panel and some white paint. He thinks a
    white car hit his truck.

    Cop Log 4/19/14-4/25/14

    Locked out
    A citizen needed help getting into his bedroom as the handle had fallen off.
    The responding officer was able to help him out.
    Out of control dogs
    A dog owner called the police department to document out-of-control dogs
    that tried to attack her dogs. They were not successful.
    Snatch and grab
    A car on Sunset had its window smashed and a purse was stolen.
    Stolen clothes
    Women’s clothing was stolen from the trunk of a car on David Ave. Maybe
    the trunk was locked, maybe it wasn’t.
    Wallets in the mail
    A postal carrier turned in a number of wallets which had been left in various
    mailboxes over a period of months.
    Lost cell phone
    A person who lost her cell phone in Pebble Beach wanted to report it to
    PGPD in case someone turned it in here. She was also advised to contact the
    sheriff’s office as they have jurisdcition in Pebble Beach.
    Ring found
    A man’s ring was found on a sign on Ocean View Blvd.
    Abandoned bicycle
    On Sunset, a bike was reported abandoned. It was taken to the City yard.
    Tossed bicycle
    City workers found a bicycle which had apparently been tossed over the
    retaining wall into the ocean at Ocean View Blvd.
    Found camera
    On Sunset.
    Found binoculars
    Later claimed.
    Arguing over a water heater
    A landlord reported that a water heater in a business suite he rented out belonged
    to him, according to a new lease made before the tenant moved out. The
    former tenant produced a receipt for the items, showing he had paid for them,
    and thats why he removed them. As it’s a civil matter, the police took no action.
    Abandoned vehicle
    On Laurel, an abandoned vehicle with registration that had been expired for
    more than a year was towed.
    Rash of non-injury accidents
    4/21/14 on Lighthouse. Airbags deployed, but no injuries.
    4/21/14 on Central Ave. One vehicle towed.
    4/21/14 on Presidio Blvd. Solo motorcycle accident: Rider lost control in
    gravel. Minor damage to the bike, none to the rider. Counter report made as it
    was a rented motorcycle.
    On 4/23/14 on Buena Vista.
    On 4/23/14 on Crocker Ave.
    Hit and Run on Forest on 4/24/14.
    Rash of welfare checks and domestic disturbances
    On Park St.
    On Arkwright Ct.
    On Ransford Ave.
    On Caledonia St.
    On Moreland Ave.
    On David Ave.
    On Grand Ave.
    On Ransford Ave.
    On Glen Lake Dr.
    On Lighthouse Ave.
    on Evans Ave.
    Child neglect
    Children left in a car on Forest with no food or water, the windows rolled
    up and the car locked.
    Gassing gophers?
    A person on Spruce Ave reported that a water hose was attached to another
    person’s car exhaust pipe and trained to a gopher hole. The engine was apparently
    running but the owner was not around. The officer removed the hose from both
    the vehicle and the gopher hole and turned the vehicle off.

    Cop Log 4/12/14-4/18/14

    Rowdy Chickens
    A person on Buena Vista complained that his neighbor’s chickens have been
    disturbing his peace. He was advised of procedure for filing a complaint and
    agreed to talk with the chickens’ owner before filing.
    Non-Permitted Chickens
    Responding to a complaint of noisy chickens, officer found no permit on
    file for the chickens. Owner was advised on how to apply for a permit and ways
    to keep them that would not disturb the neighbors.
    Neighborhood Chicken Barbecue
    Just kidding.
    Lost, Found, Misappropriated
    A wallet went missing on Lighthouse Ave.
    A wallet was found on Lighthouse Ave.
    A license plate was stolen on Sunset.
    “Found property” at the park on 16th St. was turned in and taken to the city
    yard. Must have been big or they’d have kept it at the station.
    Plant stolen from back yard on Pine.
    Ring found in Sheriff’s jurisdiction. Possibly washed ashore.
    Lost coin purse/wallet reported lost.
    Rings missing from jewelry box on Monterey Ave. Possible suspect.
    Bicycle found on Laurel.
    Bicycle stolen on Asilomar.
    Money found on Congress.
    California drivers license found near Thai Bistro.
    Checkbook and cash reported taken from a purse in a care facility on Gibson.
    Found property turned in: A bag of marijuana, a wallet, a knife’s sheath,
    and a marijuana pipe. PGPD had been advised earlier of a self-committal missing
    these items.
    Electronic welfare card found.
    Purple bike painted black was found in the McDonald’s parking lot. It can
    now be found at the city yard.
    A scarf was found and turned in. It was not the one I lost last month.
    Facebook harassment
    Victim reported continuing harassment by a school mate on her Facebook
    Battery by student on student
    A student punched another student in the face. The school resource officer
    issued a citation and met with the students and their respective parents. The
    student who did the punching received disciplinary action.
    Curfew violations
    Two separate incidents of curfew violations by juveniles were reported, one
    on Lincoln, one on Hawthorne (Presidio Police).
    Theft from unlocked vehicle
    On 17 Mile Dr. Didn’t we just do this?

    Cop Log 4/05/14 – 4/11/04

    4/05/14 – 4/11/04
    Rings Around the Toilet
    A woman reported that she had lost two rings. Possibly in the ladies room
    near Prescott Ave.
    Tumble Taken
    A woman fell and badly injured herself in a parking lot near 16th St. Bleeding,
    swollen, and in pain, she was taken to the hospital for treatment.
    Hit and Run and Stop
    Driver reported that he was hit by another car that did not stop. After following
    the suspected basher, the first driver was able to get them to stop. A quick
    exchange of info and then the bashee went to the doctor for treatment.
    Lost Cell Phone Looking for Good Home
    A caller wanted to report that her phone had escaped near Grove Acre Ave.
    If found, please return to the police station. Congratualations and warm feelings
    offered as compensation for doing the right thing.
    Taking Hit and Run to a Whole New Level
    A parked police car was struck by another vehicle. The driver then moved
    his car and parked up the street. A witness saw the entire affair and let the officer
    know what had happened to the car.
    First Lost, Now Stolen
    An iPad had been reported lost at Good Old Days. The owner sent his information
    to the iPad asking for it’s return. After getting no reply, he now believes
    it is stolen.
    Car Assaulted Near Jewell
    A driver left his car and returned to find that one of the side view mirrors
    had been shattered.
    Stolen Car
    A vehicle was stolen overnight on David Ave. The owner only has one set
    of keys and there was no report of repossession.
    Stolen Items, Then on eBay
    An employee was stealing items from work and then taking them to a local
    pawn shop. They were then sold on eBay.

    Cop Log 3/23-3/29/14

    A California drivers license was reported lost.
    A prickly affair
    A person on Walnut Street reported that someone attempted to steal his
    potted cactus from his front porch overnight. It’s a heavy thing, and when the
    reporting party got up in the morning he saw it had been knocked over and
    there were shoe prints in the dirt. Suspect may have prickly things sticking
    out of their hands.
    Towed, not washed away
    A broken water main on Eardley necessitated the towing of a car that
    was parked on top of the break. Officers were unable to locate the owner so,
    pursuant to vehicle code, they had the vehicle towed so that Cal Am could
    repair the break.
    Practicing her parallel parking?
    An elderly female driver ran into a building on Forest, then backed up
    and into a parked vehicle. Damage was minor and the building inspector said
    the building was damaged only cosmetically.
    No approved chicken permit on file:
    Don’t eat the chicken soup!
    A person on Buena Vista complained about his neighbor’s three chickens
    and one rooster, in particular the crowing of the rooster. The neighbor had
    said he’s seek a chicken permit, but as of the complaint to police there is no
    chicken permit on file.
    Unneighborly neighbor
    A woman on 19th said she was fearful of her neighbor’s behavior but did
    not want the police to speak to him. She learned that he has many court cases,
    felony charges and restraining orders from out of county for various neighbor
    disputes he has had. She was educated on how to get a restraining order.
    No good deed…
    A driver on Lighthouse stopped for a pedestrian and was rear-ended by
    another driver. The pedestrian was not hit and the damage to the vehicles was
    Found meth
    A storeowner on Central reported there were several customers in the
    store at once, and when they eventually left, the storeowner found a baggie
    with what they thought was crystal meth. Yup.
    It didn’t end there
    Reporting party said she had been cleared of criminal charges in a certain
    case but that the purported suspect continues to harass her and spread rumors.
    Possible theft of ID to file taxes
    When a taxpayer had her income tax preparer file electronically, the IRS
    said it had already been filed. Someone probably stole the data trying to keep
    her refund.
    Theft of stuff
    A supposed victim on Cedar st. said that several belongings were stolen
    from her home over the course of a year. She did not have evidence to support
    her claims, but showed the officer several items that were broken in a
    display case. No sign of forced entry.
    Wait. You’re supposed to go forward.
    A vehicle backed into another vehicle at a stop sign on Congress.
    Several articles of clothing and a purse were taken from an unlocked,
    parked vehicle on Central.
    Animal chomp
    CHOMP reported victim had a bite on left pointer finger. The bite allegedly
    happened on Cedar St.
    Needs a ride home from work
    Victim reported that his vehicle was stolen near his place of employment
    on Asilomar.
    Ammo turned in
    Grandpa’s ammo placed in safekeeping for destruction.
    Yelling in the street
    There were two incidents of men standing in the street, yelling. One was
    on Laurel and one on Congress.

    Cop Log 3/22/14 – 3/28/04

    3/22/14 – 3/28/04
    Tuppence a bag
    Citizen complained about seeds and peanuts on the ground in the street near
    her home. She believes that her neighbor has been feeding the birds and was told
    to call the police to report each time she noticed the seeds.
    Suspicious person
    A report came in that a suspicious man was going door to door reportedly
    raising money for college expenses. He offered to watch the dogs of one resident
    and asked a lot of questions concerning them. The resident was concerned that
    he was casing her place.
    Cell phone found
    A phone was found on the beach and turned into police for safe keeping.
    Text threats
    Citizen reported a series of threats via text messages from somebody she
    knew. The threats expressed the looming bodily harm that was on its way.
    Driver was contacted during a traffic stop and was determined to be intoxicated.
    He was escorted to the police station to be arrested, booked, and released.
    iPod seeking company
    An iPod was found on Ocean View Boulevard. It is currently keeping the
    lost cell phone company at the police station.
    Crabby drivers
    Police arrived at a home to find three large, live Dungeness crabs on the
    windshields of three cars. It is expected to be a prank as the crabs cannot drive
    due to their short arms.
    Little blue wheelchair guy missing
    A citizen has reported that their handicapped parking placard has gone
    missing at Lighthouse Ave.
    Suspicious person at Crocker Avenue
    A citizen reported that there was a knock on her door around midnight. She
    refused to answer the door and the knocker asked her if she ordered a pizza.
    When she looked outside she saw a man sitting in his car with a full beard and
    a baseball cap.
    No, you didn’t win.
    A text message was received stating that a sweepstakes prize had been won.
    Likely a scam, it was reported and logged .
    Burglary on Grand Avenue?
    Police were called to a burglary in progress. When they arrived it was determined
    that a landlord and a tenant were involved in a dispute. The landlord
    was admonished and the tenant was advised of legal options.
    Where’s the fire?
    A juvenile exited the MST bus and ran into Lighthouse Ave. without checking
    traffic. He ran full on into the side of a slow moving truck. He was knocked
    silly for a moment but fine afterwards.
    Found purse
    A purse was found on Forest Ave and taken into safe keeping by police. It
    has joined with the phone and iPod to have an impromptu party.
    Doggie surprises abound
    Dogs were let off leash on both Funston and Fountain Ave’s. Little doggie
    bombs were left on neighbors yards. Both owners were reminded that dogs
    must be leashed and any little doggie grossness must be picked up immediately.
    Parking and sleeping
    A blue truck was parked on Asilomar Ave for several weeks. The driver was
    informed that it is against the law to sleep in vehicles. He informed police that
    he does not always sleep in the vehicle and that a new replacement engine was
    on the way to be installed into the truck.
    Getting the bird
    Two roommates were involved in a fight over a bird that makes too much
    noise. One of the roommates and his girlfriend were transported to the hospital
    as a result of injuries. Bird says he never laid a feather on either of them.

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